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Babycare features
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: nyampire
Tagging: changing_table, stroller, baby_feeding=*
Applies to: node area
Definition: Additional information where to care babies

Draft started: 12-04-2013
RFC start: 12-06-2013

Use those tags to identify the location to take care of babies.

This RFC contains 3 features to markup baby care.

After passing RFC, I'll write the pages for each keys as separated.

How to Tag

The main use of those tags are giving additional information for other POIs.(e.g. with amenity=cafe, shop=supermarket)

On the other hand, those features may be placed as an isolated ones.

In such a case, place an independent node node to identify the location of the amenity. (especially detailed indoor mapping.)

Tag schema for babycare amenities

Changing table / where be able to change diaper

In 2019, changing_table=* is approved as official tagging.

diaper=* is obsoleted.

Please see changing_table=* for detail.


See talk page for discussion

Stroller access

  • stroller=* - write whether it is accessible with a stroller (a.k.a. push chair, pushcart, barrow, perambulator, pram).

stroller, wheelchair and ramp

Basically, stroller's width are smaller than wheelchair's one.

So, there are some needs to tag where wheelchair=no and stroller=yes. (e.g. narrow passage in a shop)

Similar, main purpose of ramp=* is to bicycle access. So if a ramp is narrow, it is not accessible to push chair.

Based on same logic, wheelchair=yes means certainly stroller=yes.

So, as technical view, we could treat wheelchair=yes as stroller=yes.

see also