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This proposal is a duplicate of the already existing and widely used tag building=*.

Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: !i!
Tagging: campusbuilding=varoius

Drafted on: 2009-06-05
RFC start: 2009-10-17


Making an very detailed map of an campus that could be splitted over the whole city.


Universitiy buildings could allready be tagged as amenity=university, dormitory, healthcare, research institution. But for an detailed campus map we would need further details even for rooms or parts of buildings. If tagged as amenity=university the renderer are unable to filter them out.

Possible values are:

  • lab
  • lecture hall
  • training room
  • team room
  • computer pools
  • ...

It has to deal with the university hierachy ( there is an campus relation proposed Relation:Campus)

  • university
    • faculties
      • institutes
        • chairs

This is just an idea for discussions, there's nothing final! Use Discussion subpage!