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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: raspbeguy
Tagging: catholic=*
Applies to: type
Definition: For better catholic denomination description

Draft started: 2021-08-09
RFC start: 2021-08-09


For catholic elements, instead of using complicated denominations like denomination=roman_catholic or denomination=greek_catholic, use the generic and already wide used denomination=catholic with catholic=roman or catholic=greek (or any other relevant rite in full communion with catholic church).


There are three main reasons for this proposal :

  • Getting a list of catholic items (for example by using Overpass API) is currently very hard if one wants to be sure to select everything: according to Denomination wiki page, there are 15 possible specific values of the denomination=* key for a catholic item.
  • denomination=* specific values are greatly underused: for example in France, where everything catholic should be tagged as denomination=roman_catholic with only a few dozens of non-roman catholic establishments exceptions, denomination=catholic remains by far the most used value.
  • On the ecclesiastic point of view, speaking about different denominations between different rites is wrong.

Adding the new tag catholic=* to the existing denomination=catholic is the best way to add information without breaking an existing tag and make filtering easy.


Values of catholic=* should be the adapted values from Denomination:


The items that should have the proposed tag are all the ones that have denomination=catholic or a relevant rite in full communion with the catholic church. This includes:

  • buildings or nodes representing churches or religious offices
  • religious boundaries like parishes, pastoral units, dioceses, provinces and national conferences

Features/Pages affected

The following wiki pages should be modified if accepted:

External discussions

This was previously discussed on talk-fr mailing list (in french)

Going further/out of topic

This proposal is limited to the catholic denomination. However, some other denominations like protestants and orthodox could use the same idea for their own rites/sub-denominations. I do know very little of those denominations position on that though, so this proposition should keep its limitation to catholics.