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notes acceptance
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Miklcct
Tagging: cash_in:coins / cash_out:coins / cash_in:notes / cash_out:notes=the coins or notes accepted (e.g. USD 100)
Applies to: node
Definition: To specify which coins or notes are accepted by the ATM / vending machine

Rendered as: None
Draft started: 2021-02-11
RFC start: 2021-02-22


This proposal indicates which coins or notes are accepted by the ATM or vending machine


Knowing that which ATMs accept particular coins / notes are useful, but there is currently nothing to indicate in OpenStreetMap


List all denominations accepted in the keys cash_in:coins=* / cash_in:notes=* / cash_out:coins=* / cash_out:notes=*. Write no if it is known that it doesn't accept all coins or notes. Write yes if it accepts but it is not known which denominations are accepted.

Key Value meaning
amenity=* amenity=atm Specify an ATM machine
amenity=vending_machine Specify a vending machine
cash_in:coins=* 1;2;5;10 Specify all the coins accepted for deposit at the machine in the official currency
cash_in:notes=* 10 HKD;20 HKD;50 HKD;100 HKD;100 CNY Specify all the notes accepted for deposit at the machine, with currencies explicitly specified
cash_out:coins=* no Specify that coins can't be given out at the machine
cash_out:notes=* yes Specify that notes can be given out at the machine, but the denominations aren't known

This implies currency:XXX=yes/no or cash_in=yes/no as well.

For example, a machine which exchanges HKD 10/20/500/100 notes into HKD 5 coins can be tagged as


None, but can be shown in POI info

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There are existing tags that can specify part of such information: