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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: ChrissW-R1
Tagging: construction=yes/no (default = no)
Applies to: node
Definition: Defines an object as under construction.
Rendered as: Zeichen 123.png
Drafted on: 2010-06-15
RFC start: *
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


If you want to show, that a street is under construction you can use today the highway key (highway=construction). But so you can't show which kind of highway it is, because the highway key is already in use. In this feature a list of key are presented, which defines options for constrution.


tag required? description
construction=yes/no required A tag, which defines an object as under construction.
construction:begin=YYYY-MM-DD optional Set the begin of the blocking and working on the object.
construction:end=YYYY-MM-DD optional Expected end of the works.
construction:status=planned/in work/ending/... optional Provides information about the current state of work.
construction:block=forward/reverse/complete/partially optional
construction:obstruction=speed/jam/blocked optional


tag required
construction=yes required?
construction:begin=2010-01-05 optional
construction:end=2010-07-15 optional
construction:status=in work optional
construction:block=forward optional
construction:obstruction=jam;speed optional


Construction rendered.png



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