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Adding the tag «craft=electronics_repair»
Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: LLlypuk82
Tagging: craft=electronics_repair
Applies to: node area
Definition: Repair shops and service centers which provides repair of computers, phones, appliance etc.

Rendered as: picture with/without text
Draft started: 2013.11.21
RFC start: 2016.03.03

Obsolete, use shop=electronics + repair=* instead.

I'll be brief. The following tags are proposed:

Main tag is craft=electronics_repair

And some specifying tags:

electronics_repair=computer (desktops, notebooks, tablet pc)

electronics_repair=cb_radio (CB radio)

electronics_repair=phone (phones, mobile phones, smartphones)

electronics_repair=photo (cameras)

electronics_repair=video (video cameras)

electronics_repair=tv (tv sets)

electronics_repair=appliance (devices such as electric kettles, microwaves, irons, hairdryers, food processors etc)

Tag list can be added (but no fanaticism). For example:

electronics_repair=washer (washing machines)

electronics_repair=refrigerator (refrigerators)

electronics_repair=monitor (computer monitors)

It's easy to combine several kinds of devices using semicolons separated values:


UPD It is very usefull to add a "description=*" (* — list of devices and other information by simply text). OsmAnd searching engine is support this POI.

I'm waiting for critics, advices and proposals. Variants of icons is desirable. Please comment on the discussion page.