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Customer only access
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: MHohmann
Tagging: access=customers
Applies to: node,way,area
Definition: Access is restricted to customers of a specific store, bank, restaurant or other amenity.
Rendered as: Affects rendering similar to other access restrictions (not part of this proposal).
Drafted on: 2011-01-15
RFC start: 2011-01-15


This tag applies to objects which may be used or accessed only by customers of a specific store, bank, restaurant... Examples of such objects are:

  • parking lots
  • service ways
  • entrances
  • toilets


Often the owner of a store or restaurant, who also owns objects like a parking lot or toilets, grants access rights only to customers. This very common situation is not covered by access=permissive, which means that access rights are granted to everyone, or by any access=* tag. Therefore it makes sense to introduce a new access tag.


Recommended / combinations:

  • A site relation could group the object to which the customer access applies (e.g., a parking lot) and the amenity (e.g., store or restaurant) whose customers may access this object.


This should differ both from public access and from private / prohibited areas. A rendering similar to, but still different from, access=permissive is recommended (not part of this proposal).

An example rendering can be found on the Parking Map. Light brown areas are customer parking lots, while dark brown areas are private parking places, please also refer to the map key at the top left side.


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