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deposit rings
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Sdicke
Tagging: deposit_ring=*
Applies to: node
Definition: Indicate if there is a deposit ring on a waste basket

Draft started: 2022-11-10
RFC start: 2022-11-10


Proposed is the new tag deposit_ring=yes, which indicates if there is a deposit ring on a waste basket.

The elements affected are these, which represents waste baskets, mostly points.


In Germany there is a deposit system, which comprises many types of bottles. These bottles should be brought back to a shop which sells that type of bottles where the shop has to pay out the deposit paid for that bottle. Some people do not bring bottles back to a shop. Often these bottles are thrown into waste baskets. Other people, so called „Flaschensammler“ (bottle collectors) search for thrown away bottles in waste baskets. Mostly poor people earn some money by bringing bottles thrown away from other people to the shops. To improved that people living conditions by make deposit bottles easy available to bottle collectors, many German municipalities began to equip waste baskets (mostly at central points like town centers or big public transport stations) with so called „Pfandringen“ (deposit rings). According to the German version of Wikipedia, there were 110 German municipalities that used deposit rings in October 2021.


Key Value Description
deposit_ring yes The waste basket have a deposit ring.


Here you can add the tag deposit_ring=yes to the amenity=waste_basket.


The tag should generally not affect rendering.

Features/Pages affected

The page deposit_ring will be created if the proposal is successful. A hint will be placed in the amenity=waste_basket page, linking to the proposed tag.

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