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Status: Approved (active)
Proposed by: Xylome
Tagging: landuse=farmland
Applies to: area
Definition: Area of land used for farming
Rendered as: brown, but lighter that landuse=farmyard
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2008-09-29
RFC start: 2008-09-28


This will proposal will resolve the ambiguous use of landuse=farm.

There have been several (emotional) discussions on talk-de about landuse=farm and its ambiguous meaning in the English language and even more so in German. In consequence the landuse=farm tag has been used by some mappers to tag farmland, others using it to tag the farmyard with all the farm buildings.


Example for usage of landuse=farmland and landuse=farmyard.

Proposal for the new tag landuse=farmland for an area area of land used for farming (tillage, growing crop, pastures, willows, acres, fields).

The word "farmland" is more generic, will be better recognised and memorised for non english speakers and is less ambiguous than other suggestions like landuse=field already made for this type of land.

Together with the tag landuse=farmyard introduced some months ago, landuse=farmland can be used instead of the old tag landuse=farm to avoid ambiguity.

JOSM and its validator plugin is reporting landuse=farm as 'unknown property value' and suggests "farmyard" and "farmland" in its presets for several months now.

Tagwatch [1] reports landuse=farmland already widely in use.

Tagging could later be refined with tags saying something about the produce or usage of this land.

Tag suggestion:

<tag k="landuse" v="farmland"/>

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Please discuss on Talk:Proposed_features/farmland


Not necessary because of active usage (more than 41000 times in Europe according to tagwatch), -- Dieterdreist 14:33, 14 June 2010 (UTC)