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Gaelic games
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Blazejos
Tagging: sport - gaelic=gaelic - hurling , camogie, rounders, football, handball
Applies to: database type - node, area, relation
Definition: In Ireland that is many sports clubs and universities which have field prepared for Gaelic games
Rendered as: Ill proposed a small icon of man with wooden stick like in camogie , for areas a typical green color in mapnik like for a playing field
Drafted on: 2010-05-19
RFC start: 2010-05-19
Vote start: *
Vote end: *

In Ireland and all this places where Irish people emigrated in last 200 years are University and Town Clubs which are described as "Gaelic associations"

Web page of main international GAA Athletic Association

They have a playing fields where people train different type of games Football [1] Handball [2] Rounders [3] Camogie [4] Hurling [5]

I thinking that will be easier to mark this places like this [6] on our university in Maynooth if we will have something like a special tag that this is a Gaelic play field and wy will be able chose which type of Gaelic games is played there. With this tag will be also possible to mark a Clubs buildings and facilities which existing near in every Irish village.