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proposal name - Key:highway, Tag:highway=fake_speed_camera
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: marco69
Tagging: highway=fake_speed_camera
Applies to: node - node
Definition: This tag is meant to mark fake speed cameras, which too often are tagged as real ones. This creates confusion and inserts fake data into OSM.

Rendered as: picture
Draft started: 2016-04-06



Data about fake features ruins OSM data quality. There should be no fake speed cameras tagged as real ones, as there are no fake houses, bridges, gas pumps etc. Then why mapping a fake speed camera? Because without a close inspection, they look like real ones, that's their purpose. A mapper who sees one would often map it as a real camera, but if a fake camera node is already in place, the mistake might be prevented. In many areas in Italy the massive presence of mapped fake speed cameras makes the "highway=speed_camera" tag completely useless.

Sometimes, at least in Italy, real speed cameras get inserted into empty fake ones on a rotation basis, therefore a great deal of judgement and local knowledge should be applied before switching an existing node from highway=speed_camera to highway=fake_speed_camera.

Edited to add, 2016-04-18. As Stanton suggests, for intermittently working speed camera, highway=speed_camera should be marked with intermittent=yes.

This new tag highway=fake_speed_camera should be used only for boxes which never contains any working speed camera.


Sometimes the box doesn't even have holes or is too small to accomodate a camera. In such cases the fake is obvious


Applies to

This tag highway=fake_speed_camera would apply only to permanently fake boxes, not to boxes which would occasionally contain a working speed camera.


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