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Highway strips
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: ZeiP
Tagging: aeroway=highway_strip
Applies to: node way area
Definition: Allow specifying highway strips designated as landing strips (for example emergency or military).
Drafted on: 2018-06-25
RFC start: 2018-06-25
example of a highway strip sign from Australia
Military aircraft landing on a German highway strip during NATO military exercise


Proposing a new value aeroway=highway_strip for landing strips that are normally used as a part of a highway, but can be closed either because of a military exercise or emergency landing for aeroplane landing. The tag should only be used when the strip has been designated as a landing strip. It is not intended for other possibly suitable landing strips.


Currently there are a few highway strips that have been tagged with aeroway=highway_strip (in addition to the proper highway=* tag). Others have been tagged as aeroway=runway, which causes the strip to not be data-wise easily indistinguishable from an aerodrome runway, which isn't sensible (also it is currently rendered as a runway, even though the main purpose of the way is as a highway). There should be a way to separate strips that have been dedicated as emergency landing strips but are otherwise in use as a highway and normal runways / dedicated emergency landing strips.



Tag Description
aeroway=highway_strip A part of a highway that has been designated as an emergency landing strip. If the emergency strip is not used as a highway but only as an emergency runway, it should be tagged as aeroway=runway.

A qualifying highway strip will usually be marked to aviation maps and have traffic signs before the strip warning of landing or low-flying aircraft. The paving is usually wider than needed for the highway and there are no traffic signs near the sides of the strip or they can be easily removed. The strip may or may not have center line, threshold or other runway-related markings.

Applies to

The proposed tagging applies to node nodes, way ways and area areas.

Features/Pages affected

  • aeroway=* will contain the new value.


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