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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: TheEditor101
Tagging: leisure=inflatable_park
Applies to: node,area,relation
Definition: A leisure facility consisting of a large inflatable area which customers play on

Drafted on: 2019-27-03
RFC start: 2019-27-03


Similar to trampoline parks, inflatable parks are now a growing leisure venture (a cursor web search will turn up many location results). People may want to find such facilities near to them and so tagging is desirable.


Businesses this tag describes found with a quick search:


Self explanatory - instances of inflatable parks should be tagged using leisure=inflatable_park. Similar to leisure=water_park or leisure=trampoline_park.

Applies to

Node, area or relation as this tag is for a physical business.


Unsure, could be quite a hard one to distinguish.


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