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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: vsandre
Tagging: information=*
Applies to: node/area
Definition: To differ between offices and other information sources tagged with tourism=information
Drafted on: 2008-11-10
RFC start: 2008-11-11

Page moved now to information=*


The tourism=information describes an information source for tourists, travellers and visitors. But it does not differ between diverse types of an information point. The goal of this proposal is to specify this tag a little bit more, so it should be easier to find the right information point on a map.

This tag can be also used for information boards at a educational trail. The route and the boards/maps should than be part of relation.



Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
information office node area An office where you can get information about a town or region.
information board node A board with information. To describe it closer, have a look at board_type=*.
Lechfall sign.jpg
information terminal node A information terminal provides information access via electronic methods. Mostly it is combined with access to the internet. (see internet_access=*)
Uhříněves, Nové náměstí, informační stojan.jpg
information audioguide node A place where you can get information using headphones or a mobile phone.
  • This tag can be combined with fee=* and ref=*.
  • If you want to describe a audio service via mobile phone, you have to add the phone number via phone=*.
information map node A board with a map. To specify the type or shown details, have a look at map_type=* and map_size=* in Tag:information=map. To describe the access to the shown routes use the access-keys e.g hiking=yes, bicycle=yes or ski=yes.
Information Map Type Topo.PNG
information tactile_map node Tactile maps are maps for the blind, also known as haptic maps.
Tactile map herrenhausen small.jpg
information tactile_model node Tactile models are models for the blind representing buildings and surroundings.
Tactile map with Braille writing in Braunschweig Altstadtmarkt.jpg
information guidepost node Signposts/Guideposts are often found along official hiking/cycling routes to indicate the directions to different destinations. To describe the access to the shown routes use the access-keys e.g hiking=yes, bicycle=yes or ski=yes.
Fojtovicka plan guidepost.jpg
information trail_blaze


node A marker that shows the position of the way. Could be a symbol, a short pole or a painted marking.
Note: 2 tagging variants currently in use.
Information trail blaze.PNG
information user defined nodearea All commonly used values according to Taginfo

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.

Access-keys to describe a guidepost or map closer

access-key Description Example/photo
hiking=yes A map/guidepost which shows hiking routes.
This is the standard value for a guidepost.
Map hiking.jpg
bicycle=yes A map/guidepost with bicycle routes.
Map bicycle.jpg
ski=yes A map/guidepost with of skiing paths and pistes.
... Many more possibilities

Type of map

map_type=* - What details are on the map?

key=value Description Example/photo
map_type=topo A map with topographical background for e.g. a historical or hiking map. The map contains contour lines.
map_type=street A map with all streets or ways of an area. The streets are mostly named. The angles, distances etc. are accurate. Used e.g. at tourist offices for the accommodation overview.
map_type=scheme A sketched map with only important ways and POIs. The angles, distances etc. are merely illustrative, not accurate. Used e.g. by travel agencies to explain their tours.
map_type=toposcope A marker erected on high places which indicates the direction to notable landscape features which can be seen from that point (associated with tourism=viewpoint).
Toposcope detail - - 1123662.jpg
map_type=image Ways, POIs etc. above a base layer consisting of an aerial or satellite image. Used e.g. for a hiking map or palace garden overview map.

map_size=* - What area is covered by the map?

key=value Description Example/photo
map_size=building A floor plan or similar.
map_size=site A map of special site, like of a historical castle.
map_size=city A map of a city.
map_size=region A map for a larger area.

board_type=* - What information could I find on the board?

See also taginfo page for key=board_type
See also types of signage listed in Wikipedia:Signage#Sign technologies
key=value Description Taginfo count Example/photo
board_type=art A board with information about a nearby art installation (sculpture). 8[1]
board_type=board unclear why this would be used, but it is found among the most frequent values 3,296
board_type=geology A board with information about geological circumstances (rocks, sediments). Often used at educational trails. 88[2]
board_type=history A board with historical information about this place. 3,654[3]
board_type=nature A board with information about nature in this region. Often used at educational trails. 3,362[4]
board_type=notice At (parish) notice boards you can find parish notices or adverts for local events happening soon. 1,152[5]
board_type=plants A board with information about plants of this region. Often used at educational trails. 459[6]
board_type=public_transport A board with public transport timetables, etc. 9[7]
board_type=wildlife A board with information about animals living in this region. Often used at educational trails. 553[8]
... ... ... ...


For discussion please use the Talk page: Talk:Proposed features/information


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  2. 1 for "geologic" and 2 for "geological"
  3. 19 additional for "historic"; many additional combinations in the form of "history;..." and "...;history"
  4. several combinations available in the forms "nature;..." and "...;nature"
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