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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: *
Tagging: aeroway=landing_strip
Rendered as: Whatever would be appropriate for a grass airstrip as in a gliding club.

Proposed new value: aeroway = landing_strip


  • We already have aeroway=runway. I assume the intent is specifically show that this is an unsurfaced strip? How about using aeroway=runway and runway=grass | dirt | snow | water | paved? Simple renderers would always pick up the runway and more sophisticated renderers the type of runway. Just an idea.

"water" is possibly unnecessary, though I guess a marked water runway would qualify. I like this idea as long as it applies to linear/area.

  • I don't think that a linear feature is appropriate to describe the landing areas (consider RAF Bicester) used by some branches of sport aviation (balloons, sailplanes, hang gliders, paragliders etc.) and an area feature would be more useful. In the UK the term runway has some legal implications that the operators would prefer to avoid (although that's not important for a map). Could a conventional grass runway not be tagged aeroway=runway, suface=grass or similar?
Using surface=grass and ref=* came very naturally to me, as we use same tags for highways, and I used it to mark some runways and taxiways. This conveys the information, without adding lots of new tags. I am sorry that this has status abandoned. DarkoS 15:36, 18 September 2009 (UTC)
  • I think this would be useful for gliding (soaring) and possibly other airfields, as there is often no degfined runway as such, just a large field (often a long rectangle, but not always). This is rather different from a runway. The tag would need to be applied to areas. I would perhaps prefer the term airfield rather than landing strip for this useage, however. It's the usual term for gliding facilities in the UK I believe (I stand to be corrected) and is a more accurate description of the feature.