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Lane directions
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: nyoma
Tagging: lane_directions=1:R,S;2:S;3:S
Applies to: IconWay
Definition: directions on intersections

Rendered as: L L L R.jpg
           L S SR.jpg
           L R.jpg
Draft started:
Proposed on: 2010-05-28
Vote end: *


This tag shows allowed directions to drive through the intersection.

How to Map

Add lane_directions=1:R,2:S;3:S to an existing highway with two or more lanes on the last segment before the intersection to show allowed directions to drive through this intersection. Number stands for the number of lane, letters mean directions: L - left turn, R - right turn, SL - sharp left turn, SR - sharp right turn, HL - half left turn, HR - half right turn, S - straight, LU - left U-turn, RU - right U-turn. If a lane has more than one directions to drive, these directions should be separated by comma lane_directions=1:R,S;2:S;3:S. If there are more than one crossing on an intersection, and directions of driving are being changed after the first crossing, one more node may be added on the segment following by the first crossing, or you may use the whole segment between crossings. But there is a question to discuss: where one should begin to count lanes - from the left or from the right? In Ukraine we start from the rightmost lane.

Should be rendered at 2 or 3 zoom levels.



Directions samples: