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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Hufkratzer
Tagging: leisure=sports_hall
Applies to: Node Area
Definition: A building that is used as a sports hall
Rendered as: building
Drafted on: 2018-03-12


This proposal is based on the tagging list discussion titled "How to tag sports halls?" in February 2018 which led to the discovery of the tag leisure=sports_hall. At the time this prposal was written, there were already a few objects with this tag in the OSM database but it was not yet documented in the wiki. This proposal is not proposing a new tag but only a documentation (content of a wiki page) for this already existing tag.


In OSM it is usual that sports facilities get a leisure=* tag to make clear that they are really used for sports. It is outside the scope of this proposal to question this habit.

Many sports halls have been tagged with leisure=sports_centre, probably because no more specific tag for sports halls was documented in the wiki.

OTOH Tag:leisure=sports_centre explains: "Facilities within a sports centre may include swimming pools, spa, solarium, sauna and/or steam room, sports hall,... Note that you should not place the leisure=sports_centre on inner elements. Use this tag once on the outer area of the sports centre..." This means, that at least these sports halls that are parts of (larger) sports centres schould not be tagged with leisure=sports_centre themselves.

Even if a sports hall is not part of a (larger) sports centre (e.g. on the campus of a school) it may be disputable if it should be tagged as a sports centre. In the discussion on the tagging list (see External Discussions) the majority was for restricting the use of tag leisure=sports_centre to "real" sports centres, to facilities that would be called sports centres in real life. When the tag leisure=sports_centre is used for normal sports halls as well it can no longer serve to find the "real" sports centres.

Therefore it is necesary to have (a documentation for) a more specific leisure=* tag for sports halls.

Proposed documentation

The following documentation for leisure=sports_hall is proposed:


Short description

A building that is used as a sports hall

Long description

leisure=sports_hall can be used for a building that is used as a sports hall. The tag can be used for all kinds of sports halls where no other tag (e.g. leisure=fitness_centre, leisure=ice_rink or leisure=sports_centre) is more appropriate, see examples below.

Sports halls are often a part of a sports centre or on a campus of a school. If a sports hall is a part of a sports centre it should not be tagged as a sports centre itdelf.


To describe that a building is used as a sports hall add leisure=sports_hall to it.

Since a sports hall is always a building also add the building=* tag; often building=sports_hall will be appropriate, other building types are possible, if unknown add building=yes.

To describe the kind(s) of sport(s) the sports hall is equipped for use the sport=* tag.


Use as Tagging Photo
Sports hall of a university
building=*, eg. sports_hall
Multi-purpose Sports Hall, SIM University, Singapore - 20150905-02.jpg
Sports hall of a school
building=*, eg. sports_hall
Sports hall of a club
building=*, eg. sports_hall
Double Club Sports Hall 2017.jpg
more ???


Useful combinations

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Examples in the OSM database

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  • Should this tag be used only for typical sports halls like currently listed under Examples or also for other types of sports related halls like tennis halls (compare section Examples in the OSM database), swimming halls or riding halls?

External Discussions


Comments are welcome at any time on the Discussion page or on the mailing list (see External Discussions).