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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Lectrician1
Drafted on: 2021-04-13


"A map feature is a real world object placed on the map. It could be any object detected in images, manually added in images, or added on the map. You can search map features by locations, users who captured the images, or dates when the images were captured, or layers. You can retrieve a map feature by the map feature key.
A map feature has at least two object detections.
-- Mapillary API

This proposal proposes the key mapillary:feature=* to link the key of a Mapillary Map Feature with its corresponding OSM element.


The primary usage is to provide a link between a Mapillary feature and object.

When tagged on an OSM element, it can also serve as a form of a source=*.

Editors like iD and JOSM can indicate with a type of highlighting which features on the Mapillary Map Features layer are linked with an OSM element and which or not. Mappers can then add mapillary:feature=* tags to OSM elements that aren't linked and create OSM elements for Map Features that do not have them yet.

For example, one of the greatest uses of the tag and mapping is creating and linking highway signs that are detected as Map Features. Many speed limits, stop signs, and other types of signs are easily recognized, but don't have an OSM element yet.




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