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I live in Naperville, IL, United States. I focus on contributions in the Chicagoland area and aspiring big imports/ideas for OSM.

I am an active Wikimedian focused on Wikidata integration with OSM and Wikipedia. See my profile below.

Social Media & Contact Info

OSM Database Contributions



  • Resolving Notes
  • TIGER cleanup
Dupage County
Forest Preserves
  • Mallard Lake
  • Greene Valley
Morton Arboretum

A general super micromapping project composing of mapping:

  • Landuse
  • Bike Routes
  • POIs
  • Parking lots
  • Trails
  • Bike Routes
  • Landuse
Cook County

There were a lot of gaps in residential landuse between the 1-mile blocks on the outskirts of the city making this weird contrasting view of the city and all these little blocks with no landuse. The Chicago suburbs at the time in 2020 were some of the most mapped-landuse suburbs in the U.S.

Chicago Metropolitan Area
Taken on 9, November, 2020 at zoom 11.
Chicago Metropolitan Area
Taken on 9, November, 2020, at zoom 10.


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


  • McCook Reservoir


OSM World Discord Server Demre, Turkey Mapathon (Map all the things).

HOT Tasks

In order of first contribution:

    1. My first task! This really gave me a perspective on the lower-quality living conditions of most people around the world (and as I would see in future HOT Tasks). This task also showed me the amazing organizational planning rice farming. Farmers have to cut through trees to make streams that run from rivers to their fields, usually build Unmaintained Tracks next to them to get to the fields, and then they have to clear the fields themselves of trees. This process seems like it takes years and from what I saw of aerial imagery, the farmers still have a lot of forest they can clear in the western part of Vietnam. All of the streams to the fields are usually very thin and some are natural. I had to use topography and closely analyze the paths of these streams as they traveled through the dense forest, only sometimes exposing themselves in a clearing. And at the time I was mapping this, I was reading about the Vietnam War in book The Things They Carried. The book mostly points out how muddy the country is, and I can definitely see how a cyclone (like for what I was mapping for) could devastate the people who live there. I can also confidently say that "sông" in Vietnamese means "river"! I also met the insanely dedicated mapper and creator of the project (his first!), TuanIfan, after running into his diary entry on the diary entry list (I check the English entries regularly). This was definitely one of my most exciting initial experiences as I am just diving into the depths of the OSM community!
    1. I never knew that people actually lived in small huts spread out across a vast temperate desert. I had to map a lot of huts, and barely visible paths that led to the communities (you can basically drive anywhere without needing a road to get to somewhere it's so flat). It was very interesting and made me wonder what the people who live there do for work (maybe cattle management?). There were also a lot of stream/ditch-like paths that ran through these villages. When heavy rain comes, or like in these case, an overflowing dam, these people are definitely at risk, even though these are flat plains.
    1. This was the second part to my first task!

OSM Wiki Contributions


  1. Explored the Proposed features/Civic admin and Proposed features/landuse=civic pages after seeing that they really don't exist. Marked the landuse=civic article as an Abandoned feature and asked User:Javbw if I could revive the landuse=civic proposal.
  2. Massive overhaul of TIGER fixup. Took me 4 hours. I improved readability, added a Review section as to when to consider something to be fixed, and also added the Editors discardal of tags under the Automated Edits section. (07/11/2020)
  3. Cleaned up Illinois page and pages under the category.


  1. Proposed features/cartpath
  2. Proposed features/POI

OSM Development Contributions

Issues/features and forks/pull requests on:


Future Imports

Lake County Buildings

A dataset for all of the Lake County buildings mapped by LIDAR and more accurate than the Microsoft buildings dataset can be imported. As of 29/10/2020 there are this many buildings in Lake County (results from Overpass query for building=*:

  "type": "count",
  "id": 0,
  "tags": {
    "nodes": "50",
    "ways": "44775",
    "relations": "144",
    "total": "44969"

and only this many have addr:housenumber:

  "type": "count",
  "id": 0,
  "tags": {
    "nodes": "8",
    "ways": "15988",
    "relations": "11",
    "total": "16007"

As you can see, this would be a massive undertaking to go through this many buildings. I would need to split this between multiple people.

City of Naperville

The City of Naperville has an INSANE amount of datasets, some of the most detailed I've ever come across. The following are availible:

  • Building footprints
  • Street areas
  • Driveway areas
  • Light Posts and their underground wiring
  • Streetside trees
  • Water management underwater structures
  • Parcels

Other counties in the Chicago area

Parcel maps are available for all counties. They can be used primarily for land use. Of course going through these would be painful. Also parcel ownership and outlines change frequently. A synchronization between the parcels datasets and the OSM database would have to be established. Any specific changes to them could be detected somehow and approved by a human mapper of OSM. This goes for OSM data in general.

My goal is also to find as many building footprint data sets I can for all counties in the US.



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