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Landuse=civic_services / civic_admin / civic_safety
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Javbw
Tagging: landuse=[[Tag:landuse=civic_services, civic_admin, civic_saftey, and a new civic=* subtag addition for building=civic. + amenity=immigration|civic_services, civic_admin, civic_saftey, and a new civic=* subtag addition for building=civic. + amenity=immigration]]
Applies to: node area
Definition: Introduction of new values of landuse=* for Civic / Governmental / public institutional building landuse areas. The optional civic=* helps further refine the building definitions that are contained in the landuses by being using used in conjunction with building=civic

Rendered as: unknown, blue color suggested for Civic_services & Civic_admin; saftey unknown.
Draft started: 2014-11-04
RFC start: 2014-11-04


This proposal aims to introduce the new values for landuse=* for Civic / Governmental / public institutional building landuse areas, for correctly tagging areas used by the buildings of local/ regional/and capital buildings, legislative, ministerial, and mixed-use "public/government/civil" buildings that serve citizens. The optional civic=* helps further refine the landuse or the individual buildings that are contained in the landuse, to better identify the services provided. to be used in conjunction with building=civic. Separation of "safety services," such as Police, Fire, and "safety" establishments into , landuse=civic_safety, as well as seperating judicial and penal facilities into their own landuses is also currently under discussion.


Many town centers are filled with governmental complexes, centers, and buildings, without a corresponding landuse tag.

In some countries, visiting local government offices may just be a visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles every few years, whereas in other countries, local and regional government offices play a vital role in the lives of citizens, requiring visits on monthly basis for administration of services, or receiving of services.

Most people treat these government offices and complexes differently than a standard commercial building - and should not be tagged with landuse=commercial. They often provide unique, government-only services. In some countries, these buildings provide services that are used regularly or require mandatory visit due to bureaucratic requirements, so correctly mapping and tagging their location is a very basic and common class of landuses worth mapping.

Also, there is currently no landuse for emergency and non-emergency safety services, such as fire stations or police stations, and rely solely on their amenity tag for labeling.

Missing Landuse

Below is a matrix of generic landuse values. Although most information in OSM is conveyed by tags on the building or point, general information is easily inferred through the landuse area, and is a vital part of certain specific tagging schemes, particularly schools and hospitals. Extending this to the other civic buildings usually found in almost all developed towns/cities/capitals is a very helpful use of landuse.

Building=* values Landuse=* values landuse includes:
house & apartments residential all manner of homes, from cottages, to massive housing developments.
retail + shop=* retail all manner of retail establishments, from corner shops to mega malls.
commercial commercial covers all manner of commercial buildings, from small offices to corporate complexes and office buildings.
industrial industrial covers all the different industrial activities, from ore processing to car manufacturing, and everything else.
amenity=post_office community_centre, library, pool, and mixed use service complexes no land use currently For buildings or complexes that offer direct services to the citizens usually administrated by the government.
amenity=townhall, capital, legislative, & administrative buildings, as well as mixed use facilities. No land use currently Administration buildings are missing their own landuse & subtag (similar to shop=*) to cover the rest of governmental service offices, and others scattered around, such as department of motor vehicles, pension, insurance, tax, and other government offices.
hospital, Fire_station, police, and other safety services emergency_service=* No landuse currently Hospitals are excluded, as they have their own "landuse" through the grounds tag. This is for other basic safety services - like police, fire, lifeguard, and other civil saftey services.
mosque, church, temple, shrine religious (New) the areas used by all the myriad of different religions, in different usage cases.

What to Include?

There are many different civic/public/governmental/institutional facilities that make up a sizable portion of any large city in most developed nations. Some of these are given their basic "landuse" through amenity tags, such as hospitals, schools, universities and other notable services. But unlike commercial or residential areas, there is no way to tag the grounds of large city complexes, which usually include the City Hall, City council buildings, such as police & fire, branch offices of national services such as immigration, customs, pension & retirement services, registration and licensing, such as department of motor vehicles, Civil authorities, such as Police offices, Fire stations, lifeguard offices, Judicial centers such as local, regional, and national courthouses and city attorney's offices, as wells penal centers, such as jails, Prisons, work camps, transfer stations, and other methods of incarceration.

This would also cover Regional and national branch offices like the US Federal buildings or Japanese prefectural "Kencho" offices, or the extensive and sprawling complexes of government offices and administrative support offices in a developed nation's capital - or even super-national organizations such as the UN.

Decisions have to be made on what to include in civic_services and civic_admin , and possibly create additional landuses, such as one for emergency_service - police, fire, and lifeguard, Judicial - courthouses and city attorney's office, and penal - covering the system of incarceration.

Seperation of civic into civic_services, Civic_admin, and other landuse values
Tag civic_services civic_admin civic_safety judicial penal
Purpose Places that offer services to citizens directly Places that administer government programs and services for citizens landuse for buildings with non-military non-medical safety/patrol/rescue services. landuse for buildings dealing with the judicial branches of government landuse for buildings dealing with the housing, transfer and control of people being reformed or punished by a government.
landuse for: Public Pools, Community halls / Recreation centres / libraries / post offices / mixed-use service facilities City Halls, capital buildings, buildings housing legislative bodies, Department or ministry buildings and branch offices, Immigration & customs offices, Tax/pension/health program offices, and mixed-use facilities (supersedes judicial and penal). Police Stations, Fire Stations, Lifeguard buildings (permanent), Snow Patrol (?), Other safety service offices. Courthouses (local regional, national, Appeals, criminal, family, etc) "Public Attorney's office", other mixed use judicial-penal facilities (supersedes penal). Juvenile detention, Work camps, local and regional jails, Prisons, and related facilities. landuse=prison only has 50 uses.

Civic=* Subtag

Because many of the city services have yet to be described through amenity, it might be best to create a civic=* subtag that goes with building=civic to fill up with definitions of all the myriad of public offices and services, some of which are very regional or vary country to country (Petroleum authorities, Fish & Wildlife admin offices, etc. ).

List of possible civic=* values
Value Comment
legislative a tag for civic buildings exclusively housing a legislative body - from small ones such a s a school board to supranational bodies like the UN,
immigration a vital missing tag. Regional immigration offices relating to foreign nationals living in country. Often related to the issuance of passports to residents. A new amenity=immigration will also be made for places where the building is not solely used for immigration, or for labeling their location at international airports , docks, border crossings, etc. . Only ~50 instances of immigration are currently tagged
pension offices related to national retirement or support systems.
tax offices relating to local, regional, or national tax offices
vehicle_reg the local car/truck/scooter registration and administration office.
administration buildings that offer some kind of administrative function to the government, besides the ones above. Pair with amenity=townhall or the proposed Capital tag for more detailed mapping of local, regional, or national capital buildings.
service buildings that offer some kind of public service, such as an event space, such as a community_centre or offer some kind of civic service, such as library or post_office.
judicial local, regional, and national courthouses, governmental attorney's offices (city attorney to attorney general in the US) and other judicial centers.
Penal local, regional, and national facilities for retraining or punishing detained citizens - Jails, Prisons, Work Camps, Juvenile Detention, and related penal facilities.

If some of them are better used as amenity=*, tags, that is okay - but there needs to be some more detailed tagging options for these things in the civic space.