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A building that was built as a shrine Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Buildings
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A building that was built as a  shrine. Used in conjunction with amenity=place_of_worship, religion=* and denomination=* where it is in current use.

Buildings tagged with building=shrine are at least large enough to hold a single standing person along with the contents of the shrine, though access might be restricted to just the operator. Many shrines can be much larger.

For shinto buildings, please do not tag "gates" (Torii, to the right in the example photo) as either barrier=gate or as building=shrine - they are neither. Instead, man_made=torii has been widely used (~3000 times as of 2019).

For very small buildings, consider using historic=wayside_shrine, especially if it is situated along a way or thoroughfare, and holds an object of worship (related objects), and is not able to have a person enter, because of it's small size.