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Template:Proposal page is transcluded, but not rendered here to prevent the Template from being categorized as a proposal.






Features/Pages affected

External discussions


Please comment on the discussion page.

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This template gives the base proposal template. It uses Template:Proposal page.

Comments (<!-- -->), hidden when rendered but present when editing, are provided under each heading to guide the proposer what to put under each heading. They replace the previous Page Details section of the the Proposal process page. This was done to maximize simplicity and efficiency when creating a proposal so that you don't have to reference Proposal process as much when drafting a proposal.


It is used as the preload page for the InputBox in the Proposal process#Creating_a_proposal_page article section.

How the InputBox Works

The InputBox Extentions provides a user-friendly input box that can assist in page/section/comment creation.

In Proposal process, it is used to preload this template.

Here is the InputBox source from Proposal process:

placeholder=Proposal name
  1. type=create: Create a page
  2. break=no: No line break
  3. width=26: Width of input box
  4. placeholder=Proposal name: Placeholder text of input box
  5. preload=Template:Proposal: Preload this Template
  6. prefix=Proposed_features/: Create the page under this parent page.
  7. useve=true: Use the Visual Editor when creating the page.

How Substituted Values Work

This template uses substituted values (subst:) to convenietly enter some of the ptameters of the Template:Proposal page. Substitution allows for the output of Templates like SUBPAGENAME to be converted to text when the page is saved, instead of remaining as a template in the source text.

Template Source

(As of 12/1/21)

<noinclude>''[[Template:Proposal page]] is [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Template#Inclusion_control:_noinclude,_includeonly,_and_onlyinclude transcluded], but not rendered here to prevent the Template from being categorized as a proposal.''</noinclude><includeonly>{{Proposal page
|name           = {{subst:SUBPAGENAME}}
|user           = {{subst:REVISIONUSER}}
|key            = <!-- The key of the proposed new tag, if relevant -->
|value          = <!-- The value of the proposed new tag, if relevant -->
|type           = <!-- node, way, area, relation -->
|definition     = <!-- A short, clear definition of the feature or property which the new tag represents -->
|appearance     = <!-- A possible rendering, if relevant - optional -->
|status         = Draft
|draftStartDate = {{subst:#time: Y-m-d}}
|rfcStartDate   = <!-- Date the RFC email is sent to the Tagging list: YYYY-MM-DD -->
|voteStartDate  = <!-- Date voting will start: at least 2 weeks after RFC, YYY-MM-DD format -->
|voteEndDate    = <!-- Date voting will end: at least 2 weeks after start of voting, YYY-MM-DD format -->

== Proposal ==
<!-- A short statement of what you propose, including a list of what tag(s) are being proposed to be added, changed, or deprecated -->

<!-- Which Database Elements (nodes, ways, areas, relations) each of the tags can be used on could be included here or under the Tagging heading, or both. -->

==Rationale ==
<!-- Explanation of why the proposal is needed, and why you chose the specific key and value of the tag. Compare with similar tags or previous proposals, if relevant. Consider significance and potential uses of the data.-->

<!-- Keep the tag short while still being logicala nd descriptive enough to need little explanation. Avoid tag names which might cause confusion with a  different tag. British English terms are preferred, when possible -->

==Tagging ==
A table, list, or set of subheadings explaining each tag:
* Definition of the meaning of the tag and how it should be used
* Elements tagged: nodes, ways, areas or relations? [if a feature is smaller than 5m by 5m it would usually be mapped only as a node]
* Comparison with current tagging schemes (if applicable)
* Additional tags used in combination (including existing tags)
* When other tags should be used instead.

==Examples ==
<!-- Examples of what elements should be tagged: real-world images, openstreetmap.org screenshots, links to OpenStreetMap elements that use the proposed tagging. -->

<!-- Optional rendering suggestion, if relevant -->

==Features/Pages affected==
<!-- List of wiki pages that would be edited if the proposal is approved -->

==External discussions==
<!-- Links to mailing lists, other forums where this proposal has been discussed... -->

== Comments==
<!-- There must be at least 2 weeks set aside for comment on the proposal. Do not go to a vote without addressing the comments and fixing any problems with the proposal. The wiki talk page is used for comments, it is linked from the proposal page for those unfamiliar with wikis. -->

Please comment on the [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|discussion page]].