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Usage Note

The Proposal_Page Template was designed to be used on pages listed on the Proposed features Page.

|name            = "proposal name - Key:highway, Tag:highway=trunk, Use_true_instead_of_yes"
|user            = "your username"
|key             = "database key - *, highway, oneway"
|value           = "database value - *, true, trunk"
|type            = "database type - {{IconNode}}, {{IconWay}}, {{IconArea}}, {{IconRelation}}"
|definition      = "short description of the proposal"
|appearance      = "how should it be rendered - hidden, free text or picture"
|status          = "Current proposal status - Draft, Proposed, Vote, Approved, Rejected, Abandoned"
|draftStartDate  = "date of the first draft in yyyy-mm-dd format"
|rfcStartDate    = "date of the Request For Comments -mail sent to the talk-list"
|voteStartDate   = "when voting can be started"
|voteEndDate     = "when voting is finished"

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