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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Skippern
Tagging: maxheight:legal=[[Tag:maxheight:legal=<numeric>|<numeric>]]
Applies to: way,area
Definition: The maximum legal height in metres
Drafted on: 2009-10-20
RFC start: 2009-11-29


A tag for legal maxheight much as maxheight:physical=* or if this is rejected a new definition of maxheight=* defining it as legal maxheight.


On 2009-09-24 User:Skippern had this tag rejected in Proposed_features/clearance because many saw it as a duplicate of maxheight=*. Since this the discussion have reappeared because of different definition of maxheight=*. This proposal have a goal to have at least one tag with the definition for legal maxheight. This can be done with the addition of a new tag or redefining the old.


Please discuss on the talk page.

Pros for tagging legal height restrictions with maxheight:legal

  • Clear definition in the name
  • Does not redefine the already well used tag
  • Original definition of maxheight in [1] did not include the word legal
  • Fits with maxheight:physical=*
  • Leaves maxheight=* for unknown legal or physical

Pros for tagging legal height restrictions with maxheight

  • Many mappers have read the definition of maxheight=* as legal maxheight (and many times it have been the definition)
  • No need to clutter map features with more tags
  • Few software have support for maxheight:legal
  • Fits with established max* tags (maxspeed=*!) that have legal meaning without :legal suffix