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namespace for services offered by shops
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: rtfm
Tagging: (shoptype):(service)=yes/no
Applies to: type
Definition: namespace system to express different services a shop may offer
Drafted on: 2017-06-15


Currently one has to mix a number of different keys to express what a shop offers.
In example, there are shop=motorcycle also offering rental and clothes, motorcycle clothes shops offering parts,
motorcycle shops also repairing bicycles (or vice versa), also selling ATVs, ATV shops also selling snowmobiles, Supermarkets selling scooters, Hotels renting motorcycles/jetskis and so on.


A namespace is a simple way to express which services a shop offers.
The system may be applied to any kind of shop.


  • shop=motorcycle
  • motorcycle:sales=yes
  • motorcycle:repair=yes
  • motorcycle:rental=no
  • bicycle:repair=yes
  • atv:sales=yes
(you don't need to create several shops to express what it exactly offers)
In shop=car, the offered services are currently expressed using service= (where you'd need to use semicolon separators for multiple values, which is not recommended).
Another advantage is you may use these tags also for other keys
such as shop=rental or tourism=hotel (in case they offer rental, or if a shop=supermarket also sells scooters : motorcycle:sales=yes motorcycle:type=scooter).
In case of motorcycles, you also got shops like
  • shop=motorcycle
  • motorcycle:clothes=yes
  • motorcycle:parts=yes
  • motorcycle:sales=no
(better than to tag it as shop=clothes or to use two "shop types").


(shoptype):*=* , where "shoptype" is the value behind shop=*, then the offered service and the value

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