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Hi there,
sometimes I wonder whether the OSM discussions are undermined by commercial map providers,
see the Simple Sabotage Field Manual: (Page 18)

(11) Production
(a) Organizations and Conferences
(1) Insist on doing everything through "channels." Never permit short-cuts to be taken in order to expedite decisions.
(2) Make "speeches", Talk as frequently as possible and at great length., Illustrate your. "points" by long anecdotes and accounts of personal experiences. Never hesitate to make a few appropriate "patriotic" comments
(3) When possible,refer all matters to committees, for "further study and consideration." Attempt to make the committees as large as possible,never less than five.
(4) Bring up irrelevant issues as frequently as possible.
(5) Haggle over precise wordings of communications, minutes, resolutions.
(6) Refer back to matters decided upon at the last meeting and attempt to re-open the question of the advisability of that decision
(7) Advocate "caution." Be unreasonable and urge your fellow-conferees to be "reasonable" and avoid haste which might result in embarrassments or difficulties later on.
(8) Be worried about the propriety of any decision - raise the question of whether such action as is contemplated lies within the jurisdiction of the group or whether it might conflict with the policy of some higher echelon.

Also see Any_tags_you_like#When_to_create_a_proposal
wikipedia:Ignore_all_rules "If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining Wikipedia, ignore it."

At the moment, I concentrate on

check shop=motorcycle or shop=boat.
The same system should work with a lot of shops.


If you're riding the motorway at 200 km/h, you're using it quite effective.
In case you discover after an hour it was the wrong direction, it wasn't very efficient.
(That doesn't mean if you ride at 3o km/h along any country road in an unknown direction, you're more efficient).