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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Sdicke
Tagging: notary=yes,no
Applies to: node way
Definition: Notary services offered by a lawyers office

Drafted on: 2019-12-03
RFC start: 2019-12-03


Marks if a lawyers office offers notary services, too.


There are many offices of lawners, which offers notary services in addition to lawyer services. Sometimes there is one person, who offers both, sometimes there is an office sharing between lawyers and a notary, which is sometimes a lawyer, too. Normally the lawyer services and the notary services share many features like contact possiblities, the address, office times etc. To avoid to use two nodes (or ways), which could be harder to render, when many objects are to render in the near, and takes more mapper time, a single node (or way) could be used for it.

Key:lawyer is not sufficient to express the intended meaning, because notary=* is intended to mark an additional service, not the primary type of the office services.


name=Max Mustermann


Key Value Description
notary yes The lawyer`s office offers notary services.
notary no The lawyers office does not offer notary services. This is the default value.

Applies to

node area, which are tagged with office=lawyer.


This feature should not be renderd separately on maps.

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