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An office for a lawyer. Edit or translate this description.
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An office for a lawyer or lawyers.

These may include barristers, solicitors, notaries, attornies and many other local variations. They provide services which include property transfer, formal documentation eg wills, powers of attorney, and help when in trouble with the "Law".

Suggested subtags

Specialties (Fields of law)

If a law office or lawyer advertises that they practice particular fields of law, it can be tagged using the key lawyer:specialty=*.The following table shows values which could be used in connection with this key.

Specialties of legal practitioners
lawyer:specialty=* Synonyms
lawyer:specialty=corporate mergers, acquisitions, reorganization
lawyer:specialty=civil_rights discrimination, expression, unfair practices
lawyer:specialty=employment labor, labour, harassment, wages, compensation, collective bargaining, unions
lawyer:specialty=entertainment arts, music, television, cinema, film, athletics, sports
lawyer:specialty=environmental pollution, natural resources, land
lawyer:specialty=estate wills, probate
lawyer:specialty=family child welfare, adoption, divorce, civil unions, marriages
lawyer:specialty=health patients, clinics, health insurance
lawyer:specialty=immigration refugee, asylum
lawyer:specialty=intellectual_property inventions, authors, trademark, copyright, brand names, slogans
lawyer:specialty=international multinational corporations
lawyer:specialty=personal_injury torts, medical malpractice, wrongful death
lawyer:specialty=real_estate construction, land ownership, litigation, tenant rights, landlord disputes

As law offices and lawyers may practice multiple fields of law, it is appropriate to combine specialties using semi-colons, for example, lawyer:specialty=criminal;personal_injury



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