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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Tamas
Tagging: nudism=designated
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: A beach/resort/etc which is officially designated as nudist, but nudity is not obligatory. Basically an official public nude beach.

Draft started: 2021-02-26
RFC start: 2021-03-01


Key:nudism should be extended with :designated value.


  • Now an official nude beach can only be set to nudism:yes or :obligatory. A designated nude beach is a beach which is officially designated as nudist, but nudity is not obligatory. These are usually public nude beaches that do not belong to a resort. Also, in nudist campsites and resorts nudity is usually required only at the pool or the beach, so the resort should be set to :designated and only its beach should be :obligatory.
  • Even our Key:nudism page mentions it: "Other frequently used values: designated - intended for nudist use by law or owner, something between "yes" and "obligatory" "


My proposal for the complete tag description:

value legal status description
yes allowed allowed and generally expected
no prohibited prohibited or asking for trouble
obligatory obligatory required by official designation or owner
designated designated officially designated, but nudity is not obligatory (usually public nude beaches)
customary not important,


prevalent, largely expected
permissive not unusual, wilderness areas

While the order of values technically doesn't matter we may think about changing it to "descending order of nudity", ie.: obligatory - designated - yes - customary - permissive - no, to help understand the differences. On the other hand "yes" is kind of an umbrella value for cases when someone is not sure about the exact status, so we ought to keep it at the top.


nudism:designated: Sahara beach is a famous nude beach along the northern coast of Rab island in Croatia. It is officially designated, yet in high season half the visitors are wearing swimsuits.

nudism:obligatory: Bunculuka nudist camping on Krk island has its own beach where visitors are required to be nude by the camping's regulations. They can wear clothes in the campsite, though.

nudism:yes (or :customary): Vrženica beach is close to the above Bunculuka resort and it's frequented mostly by nudists. It's not officially designated, it's just used by nudists because the vicinity of the naturist campsite.

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