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Status: Approved (active)
Proposed by: Jan_van_Bekkum
Tagging: power_supply:schedule=time with same syntax as opening_hours or intermittent
Applies to: node, area, relation
Definition: In areas without a stable electricity network supply of electricity may be interrupted on a daily basis. Lack of supply can happen at random moments if delivery is interrupted by the electricity grid or if electricity is provided by solar cells or a generator that is only available at defined hours of the day.

Rendered as: no additional graphics needed as this is a subkey
Drafted on: 2015-02-16
RFC start: 2015-02-16
Vote start: 2015-03-04
Vote end: 2015-03-25
The Feature Page for this approved proposal is located at Key:power_supply:schedule.

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The content of this proposal has been archived to avoid confusion with the current version of the documentation.

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