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Public-images-osm logo.svg rental
Velo Station Lyon.jpg
A place where you can get something for rent. Edit or translate this description.
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Useful combination
Status: proposed

Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: jstein
Tagging: rental=*
Applies to: node area
Definition: where you can rent things
Rendered as: various
Drafted on: 2010-08-16
RFC start: 2010-09-18
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


You can rent a lot of things. Today (2010-08-16) there is a different approach for each thing you can rent.

  • watering-cans
  • trolleys
  • trailer
  • canoe
  • car
  • bicycle
  • ski
  • beach chair

All have common keys like operator and so on. They only differ in the item you can rent.

This proposal will be a fusion of all rentals to one.

  • easy to expand if we have one rental tag
  • compatible with existing foo-rental tags
  • shorter periods until inclusion in rendering
  • most code for tools working with this data can be recycled
  • easy to tag for humans. Few keys for all rental services
  • it allows to combine renting with selling (shops)
  • compatible with shop. This might be interesting for a DIY-Shop where you can rent a trailer
  • old amenity=car_rental can still be used parallel


Tag Description
rental=* car, bike, ewer, boat, ski, ...

Use the established value-list separated by ';' i.e.: rental=boat;diving, where you can rent more than one thing (for example boat and diving things).

name=* Name of the station
ref=* Station reference
capacity=* Number of items to rent
network=* Name of the station network. (see Tag:amenity=bicycle_rental)
operator=* Name of the operating company like JCDecaux in Paris for Vélib'
deposit=* yes or no or amount in local currency. You get this money back later
fee=* yes, no or interval


Tag Description nice symbols for rendering
rental=atv rent an ATV (quad, quad bike, quadricycle)
rental=car rent a car Aiga carrental inv.png Aiga carrental.png
rental=bicycle bicycles
rental=watering_can sometimes at cemeteries Watering-can.svg
rental=machines you can rent tools, and machines for DIY
rental=motorcycle motorcycle rental (motor-bike rental)
rental=canoe canoe rental
rental=ski ski
rental=ski sled
rental=ski snowboard
rental=trolley lets go shopping Trolley parking.png
rental=costumes costumes e.g.for carnival
rental=clothes e.g. suits


use Talk:Proposed_features/rental

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