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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: RicoElectrico
Tagging: shop=electronic_parts
Applies to: node area relation
Definition: A shop selling electronic parts (eg. resistors, integrated circuits) and accompanying tools/supplies (eg. multimeters, soldering irons)
Rendered as: Symbol of a diode (a common electronic component)
Drafted on: 2014-12-28
RFC start: 2015-01-02



The tag shop=radiotechnics, listed at the Map Features#Electronics page serves roughly the same purpose. Even though it is not approved, it's used over 370 times, mainly in Europe. I've been also told some time ago this is not exactly an English term. Therefore, I propose a new tag, shop=electronic_parts, which hopefully is more clear, to supersede the currently used shop=radiotechnics with an approved tag. (Optionally, the latter would be changed to mean shops actually specialising in eg. satellite TV or ham radio equipment - this is subject to discussion)


Applicable to nodes, areas and relations, like other values of shop=*.