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Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: rtfm
Tagging: sales,rental,parts,repair,type=yes,no,values
Applies to: node area
Definition: States which services a shop offers in detail

Drafted on: 2017-09-03
RFC start: 2017-09-03


  • shoptype:sales=yes/no/used
  • shoptype:rental=yes/no
  • shoptype:parts=yes/no
  • shoptype:repair=yes/no
  • shoptype:type=x;y;z

This proposal is NOT about the possible (sub)types for each shop (represented by x,y,z here,
see shop=motorcycle,shop=boat or shop=ski for examples),
but only about the principle to use the namespaces sales, rental, parts, repair, type in general.

There are some examples below for shoptype.


Shops often offer different services,
such as a shop=clothes may also offer shoes,
a shop=sports may offer equipment for different types of sport,
a shop=boat may offer different boat types and jetskis or surfboards
a shop=motorcycle may also offer bicycle services,
a *_repair may also sell items

To use subtags avoids having to create a second (or even third) shop for the same proprietor
to express what's offered.


  • shop=clothes
  • clothes:sales=yes
  • clothes:repair=yes
  • clothes:rental=no
  • shoes:sales=yes

  • shop=motorcycle
  • motorcycle:sales=no
  • motorcycle:repair=yes
  • motorcycle:parts=yes
  • motorcycle:tyres=no
  • bicycle:sales=yes
  • bicycle:repair=yes
  • bicycle:parts=yes

Example for "types" :
The "shoptype" is always taken from an existing shop,
but may also be used with other shops :


  • motorcycle:type=standard/dualsport/offroad/chopper/sportbike/scooter/electric
  • motorcycle:rental=yes

(may be used with shop=rental/tourism=hotel/shop=car and others)


  • clothes:type=work/sports/fashion/men/women/children
  • ski:clothes=yes
  • shoes:sales=yes

(may be used with shop=boutique/shop=fashion/shop=department_store/shop=mall)


  • seafood:type=trout;salmon;tuna;mussel;shrimp

(may be used with shop=supermarket/shop=convenience/amenity=marketplace/shop=department_store/shop=mall)


See above. Most shop types will offer
and different types of the "main item" they sell.

Applies to

All shops


OsmAnd Motorcycle.png

Features/Pages affected

Potentially all that have shop POIs, such as

External discussions

Mailing list : discussion about the difference between shop=clothes, shop=fashion and shop=boutique


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