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features/shops (multiple)
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Myfanwy
Tagging: shop=[[Tag:shop=<shop type>|<shop type>]]
Applies to: *
Definition: *
Rendered as: *
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2008-02-05
RFC start: *
Vote start: *
Vote end: *

This proposal is an experimental type, for the mass proposing and voting on tag types in bulk. There are tens of proposed shop types; voting on each of them separately would be very time-consuming, and possible pointless as each shop tag is basically the same. Therefore, a list will be compiled here of all possible shop types. If any need further discussion, they will be removed from the list and dealt with separately as per other tag proposals.


Intent: To mark the location of multiple shop types



The proposed tag is:

<tag k="shop" v="<shop type>"/>
<tag k="name" v="<name of the shop>"/> (optional)
<tag k="operator" v="<operator of the shop>"/> (optional)

System for tagging (Just an idea)

Shouldn't there be a stricter system for tagging shops? Like the ones up plus URL, telephone number, exact adress,spoken language and some sub-tags for the sold goods? This could it make easier to find the right shop in the area. And it could be possible to create a search system for shops, so that a user of OSM could find, for example, a motorbike shop in the area where he just is. If the shops are tagged in an exact system, the creation of such a shop search would be much easier in future (if it would ever be planned)

Proposed Rendering

depends on the shop

shop types

this table contains the list of all shop types that will be voted on in this proposal. if you want to include more types, please edit as necessary.

if you think a type needs more discussion, please add a brief comment explaining why - do not just remove it from the list.

at the end of the rfc period, any shops with comments will be removed from the list and a proposal created solely for each.

possible comments/reasons for more discussion may include:

  • can be combined with xxxx
  • redundant, there are only two of these in the world
  • needs distinction between new, second-hand and antique
  • needs distinction between men's and women's
  • add extra tag for 24hr opening
  • needs a tag to distinguish wholesale from retail
  • ....please add any you see fit

tag name shop type/products it sells comments. to indicate more discussion is needed rendering suggestions
antique Valuable old furniture and ornamental items
appliances cookers, fridges, DVD players, games consoles, toasters Selling "white goods". DVD players and consoles are electronics. Many shops have appliances and electronics. a stove
beverages Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic beverages none a stylised soft-drinks bottle
books needs expanding into new and used a book
cameras subcategory of shop=photo?

Photo is probably better. Shops rarely sell *just* cameras.

a camera
cars car dealership none a car
cellphones I think phone would be more appropriate -- for UK at least. a cellphone
chiropodist foot care none a foot
clothing men vs. woman vs. both, specialities (work, suits, wedding, ...) I've tried this - very difficult to do in many cases, best to do as different tag, if at all. a t-shirt
cosmetics sells perfume, makeup, etc. e.g. Sephora lipstick?
computers none a PC? a mouse?
crafts sells beads and similar craft supplies
dentist dental surgery none a tooth
discount store that sells a wide variety of cheap goods (e.g. dollar store, Wal Mart, Zellers) what's this all about? ???
department the existing proposal uses department_store why do we need to add store? existing proposal is superseded by this
diving Diving goods none Fins?
electronics same as appliances? No, there is a distinction (brown goods vs. appliances which are white goods), but many shops have both nowadays. a TV
fish a fishmongers would prefer fishmonger (fish sounds more like a pet shop) a fish
florist flowers, plants a rose
furniture new and old a sofa
gifts sells cards, wrapping paper, assorted gifts, etc. a present?
glassware antique/new? New. I've added antique as a separate category a wine glass
guns Premises selling guns, ammunition and related accessories like scopes etc. none Bullets/Ammo?
hardware sells tools, etc none a hammer
hobby sells model trains, airplanes, cars, etc. model would be better, there are many other hobbies

that are not to do with modelmaking.

jewellery none a diamond
membership stores needing a membership to shop at shop=membership?!? - what like Costco/Sam's Club?

Think this belongs as "additional tag" -- see below

membership card
mobility mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walking sticks etc
music CDs, vinyl records, cassettes, etc. any recorded music New vs. used a treble clef, a vinyl record, a CD
music_instruments none a guitar or piano
party balloons, fancy dress, masks etc a mask
payday_loan a shop that offers short-term loans at very high interest rates
office_supplies office supplies stationery is more generic and accepted but really a different category? Office supply shops are usually large and additionally sell some office furniture, computer supplies etc.
optician spectacles/glass, performs eye-tests How to tag shops that do not provide eye tests but only sells glasses? A pair of glasses
organic organic food and products/homoeopathic remedies none
pets how to tag shops that only sells pet equipment and pet food but no living pets? pet_supplies a dog or cat
sewing sells sewing supplies (fabric, thread, yarn, knitting needles, sewing machines, etc.) a spool of thread
sports sporting goods such as sports kit and equipment new vs. used. I never saw a shop mostly selling used sports equipment. Would anybody buy this? Yes, for some types used equipment is viable - buying/selling used bikes, skis or ski boots is quite common. a common piece of sporting equipment (like a soccer ball?) <- This one is used for soccer fields. May be confusing. I suggest piling 2 or more pieces of equipment (like hockey stick, soccer ball and sportsshoe) in one image to create an icon.
stationery writing paper, pens, paper clips, etc. none a pen
thrift a store selling low-cost used goods (e.g. furniture) - e.g. Goodwill, Value Village, Salvation Army I think they are better known as charity shops
travel a travel agent
video_rental a place for renting videos/DVDs/etc none
wedding gowns, invitations and general wedding supplies two hearts
wine Wine none bunch of grapes
outdoor shop for climbing, hiking and camping goods important for people in holiday, not so easy to find in a town a rucksack

| General comment on many of the above -- in most cases, singular could work better than plural. For instance, we always talk about a pet shop or car sales but never a pets shop or cars sales. Exception: sports shop is probably correct. |

additional tags

tag name comments. to indicate more discussion is needed
membership=yes sells only to card holders
wholesale=yes sells only to resellers (default: retail store)


if there are any general objections to the bulk-voting concept, place them here. comments for specific shop types should be confined to the table above


Is not open, proposed for 2008-03-08