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This proposal has been superseded by Key:kerb.

Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: pkroliko
Tagging: amenity=sloped_curb
Applies to: node
Definition: a cut in a curb that is sloped in order to allow wheelchair access.

Draft started:
Proposed on: 2008-03-06
RFC start: 2008-3-10


A Sloped Curb is an inclined region in a sidewalk that slopes downward, eventually becoming level with the street. Sloped curbs are created to allow handicapped individuals to successfully transition from a road to a sidewalk, or vice versa, safely and easily. Sloped curbs are an important attribute to note in areas where there is a great deal of pedestrian traffic. Examples of locations that receive high pedestrian traffic are cities and college campuses. These sloped curbs are of special interest to handicapped individuals who rely on mobility devices (such as wheel chairs) to travel around. These sloped curbs are imperative for a handicapped individual to travel around a locale effectively and efficiently. By knowing the locations of these sloped curbs, individuals can refine their routes by focusing on paths that include these sloped curbs.



Applies to

The sloped curb should be considered as a Node since it is only a small feature landscape, it is essential in route planning for mobility impaired people.




This should be rendered as a small symbol overlying the actual route on the map; like the symbol for the current incline feature.

See Also

  • Proposed features/kerb - this is a more general purpose tag which can handle sloped (lowered), raised, and flush kerbs, in addition to using the British English term. Please read the talk page to consider deprecating sloped_curb=* and amenity=sloped_curb.