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Sluice Gate
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: pnorman
Tagging: waterway=flow_control
Applies to: node, way, area
Definition: A flow control device

Rendered as: Icon
Draft started: 2011-01-02
RFC start: 2011-01-16


There is no current way to tag sluice gates and discharge points.

Sluice gates

Sluice gates are often used in agricultural areas to control water flow from rivers to other waterways. In some cases, sluice gates are in pairs with one on either side of a dike. (See wikipedia:Sluice.)

Ss sluice2.jpg See [[1]] for an aerial photograph

Discharge point

Howell-Bunger valve.jpg


Representing a ditch as continuing to the river does not capture the flow control nature of the sluice gate.


See linked pictures above.


Like other values in waterway=* sluice gates and discharge points are features in the waterway.

Use waterway=flow_control flow_control=sluice_gate for sluice gates and waterway=flow_control flow_control=discharge for discharge points.

Applies to

node A node on the waterway way, way a way spanning across the waterway or area a closed way describing the entire area of the flow control device

Features/pages affected


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