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Splash pad
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: GuyToronto
Tagging: playground=splash_pad
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: A place in a public park / playground with water jets or mist for kids to play in. A splash pad has no standing water.
Rendered as: picture/icon
Drafted on: 2011-07-17
RFC start: 2011-07-17


A splash pad is a location within a public park that had water jets, sprayers, or mist. Its function is to allow children to play in and cool off during the summer. A splash pad does not accumulate water like a wading pool.

A splash pad is not the same as a water park. The description of a water park is "An amusement area with water slides, recreational swimming pools and dressing rooms." Splash pads have none of these features. Splash pads vary in size, so a node or area can be used.

Wikipedia entry for splash pad.


Currently there is no standard way to label splash pads and wading pools, yet these are common features in public parks that people are looking for. Although it could be considered an amenity of the park or playground, the amenity label does not assist people in locating a splash pad in a large park. Labelling a node or area as a splash pad would assist people in locating splash pads.

Here is a Google maps link to Toronto's High Park. The park is 400 acres. There is a splash pad in High Park. Simply labelling High Park as having the amenity of a splash pad isn't helpful. Being able to place a node at the location of the splash pad would be very helpful.

Although the playground=water tag exists, the term "splash pad" defines a very specific type of playground equipment.

I had considered proposing this as leisure=splash_pad, but it seems to fit better within the playground tag since splash pads are often in close proximity to playgrounds, and are generally for use only by children.


In Germany, especially in Berlin, these places are called Plansche. In Berlin there are about 20 of them (not all of them in OSM yet). Here is a list of some of them with pictures.

In Toronto, Canada there are roughly 100 splash pads scattered throughout the city. Here is a picture of a splash pad in a Toronto park: Woodbine Park splash pad

Splash pad.JPG

Applies to

nodes, areas


Mock-up Splash pad.png