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stop line
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: pflier
Tagging: highway=stop_line
Applies to: node
Definition: Used to show stop lines at signalized intersections
Rendered as: *
Drafted on: 2017-07-10


Many traffic signal intersections have stop lines to indicate the point at which motorists and cyclists ought to stop their vehicle before entering a signalized intersection when the signal indicates they should stop. There is no way to show these on a map currently. The tag would be used on a way that was placed where the stop line is. This way would not be part of the road, rather it should be the traced line of the stop line as observed. In many instances, the crosswalk serves a dual purpose as both a cross walk and (the outermost line setback from the intersection's center) a stop line.


With the growth of autonomous vehicles, more and more data providers are demanding stop line information to supplement safety measures in their autonomous vehicle applications. Stop lines are used by vision applications in autonomous vehicles to properly stop before advancing into signalized intersections. This information reinforces existing vision technology in an effort to ensure safety. There is currently no available source of stop line data.


A possible way of rendering stop lines on the map



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