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Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: Rw
Tagging: shop=supplements
Applies to: node node area area
Definition: A shop selling dietary and food supplements.

Rendered as: Silhouette of an arm with a flexed bicep?
Drafted on: 2009-09-10

This proposal is superseded by Proposed features/nutrition supplements


A shop selling dietary and food supplements. Use for shops that offer herbal remedies, strength and fitness supplements, vitamins, nutrition supplements.


Supplement shops are not general grocery stores. Supplement shops are not pharmacies. They are neither fish nor fowl and present themselves as a place the provides improved health through specific products that supplement a normal diet.


Add a node node tagged shop=supplements in the center of the shop. Larger shops may be mapped as an area area tagged as shop=supplements.

Additional Attributes

Tag Description
name=* The name of the shop.
addr:housenumber=* The street address of the shop.
addr:street=* The street the shop is on.
addr:city=* The city the shop is in.
addr:postcode=* The postal code that the shop is in.
source=* Where you got the data.


Supplement shops should be rendered as a pictogram silhouette of an arm with a flexed bicep. They should only be rendered at very high zoom levels.


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