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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: manfredbrandl
Tagging: highway=turning_point
Applies to: node
Definition: Define a point where vehicles can turn by pushing back
Rendered as: probably no
Drafted on: 2016-03-24


I propose the new value "turning_point" for the key "highway" to represent a point where vehicles can turn by pushing back. This is for situations where there is no turning circle and no turning loop.


The turning point gives usefull information for drivers of longer vehicles that it is possible to turn the vehicle there by pushing back if there is no turning circle or turning loop. I think there are at least many hundred thousand turning points on the world, but there may be more. There is a similar tag for waterways [[1]]

Examples and



Additional Tagging

You should add maxlength=* to describe the known length restriction for turning vehicles in meters.

Applies to

All Turning Points where pushing back is neccesary


maybe no


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