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vehicletesting - Tag:highway=vehicletesting
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: otvfd3
Tagging: highway=vehicletesting
Applies to: way, area
Definition: A road or area where vehicles are tested.

Rendered as: as highway=raceway
Draft started: 2010-01-27


Usually vehicles (cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural machines, etc,) are tested before serial manufacturing. These tests use special roads, areas, so these test tracks should be assigned to special tag.


Additonal keys for vehicletest

surface=* can be asphalt | basalt | ice | concrete | ceramic ... etc.

This feature is evident.

opening_hours=* can be eg. winter | summer | Jan | Dec – Mar

A lot of vehicle test track are available in Sweden in every winter on frozen lakes, but these tracks are not usable all year. Usually these test tracks are usable for every people, but probably usage is not free.


A few restrictions are applicable.

motorcycle=*, motorcar=*, goods=*, hgv=*, agricultural=*, tractor=*