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yarn shops
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Nate Wessel
Tagging: shop=yarn
Applies to:
Definition: shops primarily selling yarn and supplies for knitting or crochet

Draft started: 2023-01-01
RFC start: 2023-01-02


This proposal seeks to distinguish "yarn shops" from "sewing shops". Currently both are lumped together under shop=sewing. It is proposed to break out yarn shops from this category with the tag shop=yarn which is already in use to some degree around the world.


Sewing and knitting or crochet are very different activities with few common materials or accessories. While some people may do both, and some larger retailers may offer supplies for both, it is very common that smaller shops will specialize and sell primarily to knitters or sewers.

Typically a "sewing shop" will sell supplies needed for sewing flat, woven (or machine-knit) fabric with a sewing machine: machine needles, thread, machines, bobbins, flat patterns, fabric, fabric scissors, etc.

A "yarn shop" will be oriented toward hand-held needlework with yarn, selling things like: yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, pattern books, and other accessories.

A person looking for sewing supplies will generally not find what they need at a knitting shop and vice versa.

The database currently contains some (~60 instances total) relevant but undocumented tags in use:

Of these, shop=yarn is both the most common and seems the most inclusive. This however represents only a very small portion of all yarn shops in the world. A quick survey of my own city (Toronto) turned up about a dozen yarn shops currently operating (see examples, below), separate from several dozen sewing and fabric stores in the city.


Tagging would otherwise be the same as for shop=sewing.


These are some random examples just from around Toronto:


Same as for sewing shops, unless someone wants to suggest a better icon.

Features/Pages affected

Would create a new page for shop=yarn and note the distinction on shop=sewing. Would also list on the shop=* page.

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