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Purpose of this wiki

This wiki shall be used as master page for the further development of the public transport schema. "Master" means that the English version of this wiki shall be the only applicable wiki. It shall host and collect thoughts, discussions and examples whith regards to improvements of the current schema, independently of its current version. As soon as a new schema version is going to be finished/released, the regular proposal process shall be used. This "schema development" wiki shall disburden the proposal wiki from too much supporting content and data but can be referenced of course.

As of February 2017 (when this wiki was created) the schema versions "PTv1" and "PTv2" are being used in OSM. So "PTv3" is intended to be developed now.


Here examples of according situations shall be collected, best using real photos. Main purpose it to make all relevant properties clear and make them comparable between the examples.

Further examples can be found on the PTv2 feature proposal wiki.

Mixed Types



Nodes/Ways • Simple Bus Stop • One Way

Properties Tagging Photo
  • buses only
  • possibly several lines
  • probably only 1 operator
  • used in one direction only
  • only 1 stop position (space for 1 bus)
  • separate short bus lane
  • platform along the bus lane
  • shelter at the end of the platform
  • 1 sign/info mast
  • platform is barrier-free
  • vehicle access is not barrier-free

Bus prumyslova.jpg

Nodes/Ways • bla • bla


Lines • bla • bla


Trams =


Subways =


Cable cars =


Railways =


Ferries =


Aircraft =