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Import different datasets of Points of Interest (POIs) and continue to import POIs as they become available.


There are public domain POIs datasets available for Puerto Rico that can be imported to OSM. Other datasets can be easily created and imported. This page aims to keep track, plan and organize an open-ended effort to import POIs for Puerto Rico.

Example of Points of Interest in Condado, San Juan.

Imports & Manually Mapped POIs

The following table can be edited by any contributor who plans to add POIs with an import process or by manually mapping them:

Feature Dataset Description & Import Details Sources Contributors Status
Businesses Data.pr.gov, an open data platform for the government of Puerto Rico publishes de PEMAS (Permisos de Construcción) dataset. This dataset includes recently constructed or remodeled businesses. data.pr.gov ernestocd Planning phase
Pharmacies Contributor ctkjose imported the largely predominant pharmacy brand in PR, Walgreens, on 2012. This import will seek to manually map newly constructed Walgreens pharmacies and also add a new brand: CVS. Walgreens, CVS igeopr Finished 11/2015
Public Schools This project first involves an import of 938 active public schools that aren't currently in OSM's database. Afterwards, it will involve manually checking in JOSM the presence of another 448 active public schools. In this last phase, if a school is not present in OSM, it'll be added, if it's already present then its location accuracy will be verified and pertinent tags will be added. The objective of this project is to make sure we have in OSM all 1,386 active public schools with at least the following tags: amenity, name, addr:full, addr:postcode, contact:phone, contact:fax, isced:level, ref, operator, and source. Departamento de Educación via data.pr.gov several Finished 8/2016
Tourism Attractions This island-wide project involves manually mapping eco-tourism and cultural attractions. The source dataset contains over 300 POIs and comes from igeopr's former tourism website igeopuertorico.com (website not running anymore). The following map showcases a selection of the attractions: Island Map. Take a look at the following datasets: places, trails, parking. Also, Public Beach Resorts' (Balnearios) boundaries will be manually mapped with information from Departamento de Recursos Naturales (DRNA). igeopr, DRNA. igeopr Finished 7/2016
Hospitals and Government Clinics (CDT) Island wide project to import public healthcare facilities from public domain government data. The dataset was produced in 2009 by the Office of Public Health Response Preparation and Coordination of the Puerto Rico Department of Health CDT (gis.pr.gov)

Hospitales (gis.pr.gov)

vramirez122000 Finished 10/2017
Comunidades Especiales In the 2000s, a government agency was created to help disadvantaged communities island-wide. These communities were identified and compiled into a database. Comunidades Especiales vramirez122000 Planning phase


The following POIs are being considered by the community (some may be imports, others not):

Pharmacies, hospitals/emergency facility, police stations, ATMs, gas stations, neighborhoods, beaches, tourist attractions, supermarkets, businesses, government centers, emergency shelters, special communities (comunidades especiales), historic places, and shopping centers.

Dedicated user account

If the addition of POIs involves an import process, that is, it's not regular manual mapping, then use a dedicated OpenStreetMap username as shown below.


So for user igeopr, the name for the import account would be: