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Mapping Bus Routes in Pune similar to Chennai There is some data here already.

Starting Sunday 25th March 2012. 4:00 pm at COEP Boat Club.

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We will need a GPS device (many smart phones already have GPS in them). See if your mobile has GPS functionality or ask if any of your friends have a mobile with GPS functionality. My HTC Dream/T Mobile G1 has a GPS so at least a few of us can share it. If we have more GPS devices its better.

We will start with locating our current position by starting the GPS. Once we have our current position, we can walk and trace our path by connecting locations taken at regular intervals.

In our case major work will be mapping all bus stops. Once we have all bus stops mapped and we have a list of routes connecting these bus stops we can find buses to go from any point to any other point.

Looks like there is already some work done at pune bus guide We will contact them and see if they have anything missing, can we use their data etc.

Then we will have to integrate this data with busroutes.in I know some people who run this and they told me they are looking to improve the website by rewriting it. So if you are interested in web design, then also you can help us. Suggest how best we can make this data easily available.

See this trip planner from Magarpatta City to Hinjewadi

PS: When I started thinking about this idea, I was not aware there was already work done in this area. May be all major work is already done and we may need to add only a little polish and may be promote this among our circles.


  1. Praveen Arimbrathodiyil pravi dot a yet gmail
  2. Labeeb Mattara
  3. Gautam Akiwate
  4. Shirish Agarwal shirishag75 dot a yet gmail
  5. Gurpreet Kaur

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