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Author: Christopher Schmidt
Platform: Symbian
Status: Broken
Language: English
Source code:
Programming language: Python

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Christopher Schmidt started hacking on an OSM editor for Symbian S60-based mobile phones. It uses python.

Make sure you have a cheap data connection!


Right now, installing it is a mess. For a third edition phone (S60 3rd), you'll need to install:


It will download an area right away. You can then move the cursor around with the arrow keys. You can click the 'select' button (middle button on a N95) to select a way (which will find the nearest node: usually this means it selects multiple ways). Zoom in with *, zoom out with #. More data can be downloaded via the menu, or by pressing the '5' key. The current selection can be cleared by pressing the 'backspace'/clear key.

If you edit the file, the default bounds can be edited in the "initial_bounds" variable at the top of the file.