Quebec OPC2012

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Operation Cowboy is a past event. A global mapping sprint on the weekend of 23rd Nov 2012
Ken OPC Logo Draft.png Where: Espace 335 rue Saint-Joseph Est (suite 500), Québec city, QC, Canada
When: Saturday 24.11 starting 14:00
This mapping party will rock with the following:
  • General tips and tricks
  • Roadtrip of several map tunning and debuging web tools
  • Improvement of water, lakes, rivers and bridges
  • Improvement of intersections (maproulette)
  • Debuging and fixing map
  • Improvement of some US town or university
  • Etc...

This is a BYOD event, so... bring your own device! Espresso, tea, spring water and other goodies will be offered thanks to Abri.Co and OpenStreetMap Capitale Nationale.

Your're invited to keep on the mapping party with a 5@7 at La Korigane brewvery. Subscriptions at