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The goal is to import community health provision data from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The data has been collected by mapping facilitators from local organisations (GASHE, GeoFirst and RRN) in collaboration with local communities and the support of the Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK).



  1. Share the data - DONE
  2. Sign the OSM authorisation letter  - DONE
  3. Review data  - TODO
    • Group call to review and discuss data as is
    • Define the strategy and next steps
  4. Validate data
    • Identify potential partners in the DRC who could validate
  5. Import list

Import Data

Data Preparation

Data reduction & simplification

Tagging plans

Here we list all the original tags with their corresponding translation into the OSM tagging schema, plus additional tags for all segments:

RFUK key RFUK values meaning OSM tag Comments
VIL_NAME Name of the village the feature belongs to
YEAR Year of data collection
NAME Name of the health facility
TYPE Type of health facitility
ASS_VILLGS List of associated village(s)
A_PATIENTS Number of patients received per year
BEDS Number of beds in the facility
BUILD_TYPE Building material type (earth construction, timber construction, cement brick construction, corrugated iron roof etc.)
GP_COUNT Number of doctors in the facility
NURSES Number of medical staff (nurse, midwife etc.) in the facility
ADMIS_REAS List of main reasons for admission
HEALTH_DIF Difficulties encountered by the health facility
DATE_SURVD Date of survey (automatic from collection app)

Data transformation

Move the raw DRC health facility (in csv format) - MFR_Metadata_En.pdf into the DRC-RFUK-Healthsites-data-upload-list

Data transformation results

Changeset tags

We will use the following changeset tags:

Data Merge Workflow


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