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use scanaerial


JOSM screenshot showing unmapped tundra with Bing Imagery
JOSM screenshot showing tundra with mapped lakes and Bing Imagery
JOSM screenshot showing tundra with mapped lakes, data only

Trace forest or other area edges from different WMS imagery (by Komяpa and Upliner)

Download (Windows)

You will need:

environment variable PATH should be set to include the python-folder (on windows, it is, usually, c:\program files\python)
Put it into JOSM plugins folder (for windows, %AppData%\JOSM\plugins) and enable the plugin in the JOSM settings
Create a folder fuzzer at %AppData%\JOSM\plugins and save the files there.
  • restart JOSM

Installation (debian linux)

  • In JOSM install the fuzzer-plugin
  • some python libs are needed. Install as root
aptitude install python-pyproj python-psyco python-imaging
  • get and its dependancies as user:
cd ~/.josm/plugins/fuzzer
git clone
  • restart JOSM


Press Shift-K, click on the point inside polygon you wish to trace, wait a bit, edit that polygon, upload.


By default, Fuzzer traces multipolygons from Yahoo! imagery. If you wish to change that, edit

Best used together with local caching WMS, like TWMS.

Be sure you're not using image/bmp if wms is not local for you. Change it to image/jpeg then, or better install a local WMS.