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  • Jonah Adkins would like to import in Poquoson (Virginia) buildings and addresses.
  • Borut Maricic would like to import in Upper Styria (Austria) waters. The necessary wiki page and discussion on the import list are still missing.

Фонд OpenStreetMap


  • Since the 1980s the Association of "Friends of the Gardens of La Oliva" has planted more than 300 trees (species from all over the world) in the common areas of the District of La Oliva in Sevilla. On Saturday, 19th OSM mapper will help to map the unique species of this "public garden" of La Oliva. The aim is to create an online botanical atlas.

Гуманитарная команда ОСМ

  • User dekstop asks "Should we teach JOSM to first-time mapathon attendees?".


Открытые данные

  • The municipality of SãoPaulo, the largest cities in Latin America, announced on Twiitter that the building cadastre is available within 30 days on Geosampa.
  • Since Wednesday, December 09 2015, the South Tyrolean Open Data Portal is online. Many of the records are available under the CC-0.
  • It is an old custom at least in Central Europe that children before Christmas write a wish list. If they behaved well, it may be that they will get some of the gifts from the wish list. Stefan Keller from Hochschule Rapperswil wrote his wish list on twitter. Let's hope, that he behaved well. ;-)


Программное обеспечение Версия Дата выпуска Комментарий
iD 1.8.3 2015-12-11
Atlas 1.1.20 2015-12-13
Mapillaray for Android 1.68 2015-12-14
Mapillary for iOs 4.0.6 2015-12-09

А вы знаете …

Другие “гео” события

Страна Город Организация Вакансия
Austria Vienna Autrian Institut of Technologie Scientist für Visual Analytics
Germany Heidelberg Universität Heidelberg Wissenschaftliche(r) Mitarbeiter/-in Geoinformatik

Предстоящие события

Место проведения Название Дата Страна
teleconferencing, 8pm GB/UK org forming conf call 12/17/2015 UK
in tutta Italia La Notte dei Mappatori Viventi 12/18/2015 Italia
Bari Scopriamo i luoghi della cultura con gli OpenData (Wikimedia Italia - OpenPuglia) 12/18/2015 Italia
Lyon Missing Maps mapathon, Lyon 12/18/2015 France
Graz Stammtisch Graz 12/21/2015 Austria
Taipei OpenStreetMap Taipei Meetup, Mozilla Community Space 12/28/2015 Taiwan
Bremen Bremer Mappertreffen 12/28/2015 Germany